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Weatherproof your project

Get your breadboard idea where it should go

Here you will find products and ideas that will make your projects fit for productive use.

  • Build your project
  • Try it
  • Make it weatherproof

SolidCircuit HV3

Finish the idea faster

Have you ever set up a project on the breadboard? Great feeling when it works, right?

Eydam Prototyping supports you with the next step. Build your idea on a SolidCircuit board to use it permanently. 

Everything you need to get started can be found on the SolidCircuit board: 

  • 3W power supply, you no longer need an external power supply
  • 2 relayswith which you can switch external consumers
  • 3 JST-XH connectorsto which you can connect your sensors and actuators
  • Micro USB portto be able to test your circuit on the desk
  • and many more features

Who is behind Eydam Prototyping?

Eydam Prototyping was founded near Berlin in November 2019. I, Tobias Eydam, have been dealing with electronics, IoT and 3D printing for many years and work full-time in vehicle development.

Why should I trust Eydam Prototyping?

For many reasons:

  • I explain my ideas and products: You can get extensive Documentation including circuit diagram, drawings, 3D models and more!
  • I will help you to implement your ideas: From my experience I know how difficult it can be to turn your own ideas into reality. I will help you clear these stumbling blocks out of the way!
  • You can contribute: Do you have a problem that keeps you puzzled? Show me and we'll try to find a solution!
  • You get spare parts and repair instructions: Is your product no longer working? I'll show you how to fix it!